Hello, I’m Ceri, a creative problem solver based in the UK on the lookout for new, interesting challenges.

I have been lucky enough to work across a wide variety of creative fields in a number of different countries. This journey has taken me from designing promotional literature for a quirky Melbourne bar to a private photo shoot in the French Alps at 3,000 metres. I have now settled in the UK and am keen to apply my creative experience and skills to companies who catch my eye and align with my morals.

My technical expertise lies in branding, promotional literature, vector graphics, WordPress design, photography (360° + drone included), social media management, instructional design and video. I’ve been brought up using the Adobe Creative suite so am totally at home using it. I am a quick learner and am always looking to expand my skillset: over the past few months I have completed a number of online courses, the most recent being in UX/UI design. 

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